I’m Nathan, a Composer in Atlanta

I write music for games and interactive media. I specialize in melodically-driven tracks, inspired by JRPG classics such as Final Fantasy, Suikoden and Octopath Traveler.

Character portrait of Nathan David McWilliams

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Selected Compositions

A selection of my compositions across various recent projects. Styles include instrumental, orchestral, atmospheric and more.

Additional Composer


A combat-less game about agriculture, economy, and exploration developed for fans of Stardew Valley, Forager, and A Link to the Past.

Primary Composer


A story-driven 2D RPG under development by 1ManArmE Studios. Contributions include multiple orchestral and instrumental tracks.



A top-down, rogue-like adventure game developed by Statson. Features strings, flutes, harps, taikos and hand perc.